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Tuberose: The Secret Weapon of Olfactory Alchemy

Undoubtedly the queen of white flowers, tuberose is mysterious, alluring, addictive, carnal and even mystical. Adored by many and feared by a few. The sensual addictive facets of tuberose have been so recognized throughout history, so much so that in the golden Victorian age, it was forbidden for young women to wear tuberose for fear that they might have spontaneous and uncontrolled orgasms due to the sheer sensual power of tuberose.

Heady, sexy and charismatic; tuberose makes its presence felt anywhere in the room. It saunters into a room elegantly and caresses the noses of all those lucky enough to be greeted by the unbridled sexual power of the note of tuberose.

Tuberose is sometimes mistaken as being in the family of roses due the syllabic ‘rose’ in the spelling of tuberose. This could not be farther from the truth. Tuberose is actually a tropical flower with green, sweet, heady, fresh and creamy (almost coconuty) facets. In large amounts and in unskilled hands, tuberose can be a tricky note to work with; but in the hands of a master perfumer, it becomes a potent note, a secret weapon that sends anyone that catches a whiff of the scent into olfactory Valhalla.

Fabled to possess narcotic and bewitching qualities, tuberose carries these attributes boldly, giving off its tropical, lactonic, green, fresh and dessert-like facets in little doses. You’ll want to be careful with tuberose, as it is easy to overdose on her, transporting you to a trance-like state. She makes no apologies for who she is and she takes no prisoners. All hail Tuberose – the Queen of white flowers!